Unplugged Wedding

An unplugged wedding is when you invite your guests to be fully present in the celebrations and let your photographer and videographer be in charge of capturing the day.  At one of the first weddings I ever shot, as the couple was making a grand exit, a groomsman hopped right in front of me (because of course I had a good angle) to capture the moment on Snapchat! 

Though we completely understand that you want to document every moment and every angle of your wedding, you also want your guests to be present.  Consider an unplugged wedding, or just ceremony, whatever makes sense for you! Let your guests be fully present and in front of the camera instead of behind.

Consider a First Look

Before the ceremony, many couples choose to do a first look.  This is one of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE things.  It gives you the opportunity to have another special memory of your day.  It lets you have a special moment with your love before the day really begins.  It makes for the most beautiful video and photos.  

Set Aside a Few Minutes at Sunset

Sunset portraits give us life.  They often end up being my favorite shots from the whole day.  The light is dreamy, and it gives you as a couple a minute to be away from the crowd and enjoy each other.  And seriously, this is where some of the most gorgeous imagery is made.  So slip away, even if just for 10 minutes, and get some shots in the golden light.

Enjoy the Day!

Your wedding day is going to be surreal.  You're going to feel loved beyond measure, and you're going to think your heart will burst.  But stuff is going to go wrong! I promise.  So embrace that, it's part of your story, and enjoy it all.  Let loose, don't worry about getting your dress dirty, and get down on the dance floor.  And if your lover's toast turns you into a puddle, let that emotion come.  Embrace it all.  Not only will it make for the best memories, it will make for the best photos and video too.