What time should I schedule my sealing for?

We can make any time of the day look beautiful!  However, for the best lighting the later sealing times are typically the best!  And generally, the closer to noon that you exit, the worse the lighting will be.


To that we say yes please.  Let's set up a time and we'll buy you ice cream and you can tell us all about your love story! 


When should I plan my engagement photos?

We recommend doing your engagement photos about 3 months prior to your wedding day, and scheduling them a month before that.  At this are only available to shoot engagements on weekdays.  If this is a problem for you let us know and we are happy to work something out!  Turnaround time for engagement photos is 2 weeks.


We recommend that you don't use your hours with us to cover a luncheon.  Unless there is something really exciting happening, no one likes photos of themselves eating!



At many temples group photos are limited by time. For example, the SLC temple has a 20 minute time limit for group photos. We pride ourselves on being super efficient when it comes to group shots!  We start with a huge shot of everyone and then narrow down to brides extended family, to immediate family, to shots with the parents and grandparents. We then repeat with the grooms side and then do bridal party photos!  With the leftover time we can do individuals with bridesmaids and groomsmen.  

Then we’ll take about 30 more minutes around the temple to do some portraits of the two of you!  It usually takes couples at least an hour to exit the temple after their sealing time, so make sure you plan enough time for photos if you want to go straight to your luncheon or reception.  If you have any questions about your timeline, feel free to ask!  We're here to help.

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Other advice

If you want to do a sparkler exit, make sure you buy the 36” long sparklers!  They give us more light to work with and gives you enough time to run through twice! That’s an option many couple choose and that way you get twice as many sparkler photos.  If sparklers aren't your thing, we love tossing lavender, flower petals, or confetti as an alternative!